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Giftbox.ai allows you to discover gift ideas for your loved ones based on their lifestyles. You will get personalized recommendations of gifts for everyone on your list – from the person that has everything to that hard-to-shop-for friend.

Go on, spoil someone (or yourself).
With just a couple of clicks, our automated service can suggest personalized ideas that you’ll love — and they’re guaranteed to be unique and fancier than any of your awkward in-laws
Powered by AI
Our custom personalized recommendation engine is powered by OpenAPI’s Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3)  autoregressive language model.


Giftbox.ai is so fun and easy to use that I can’t wait to find another gift to send out.
Natasha Jane

The first time I used Giftbox.ai was when I wanted to get my wife something special. She’s difficult to shop for and I always have to struggle to think of gift ideas on the fly. It was fun and easy, and it ended up being a very special gift that she loved!
Dan Menzel

I have used this site to give my husband a gift for our anniversary. I was very doubtful at first but I tried it and he loved it! It’s a great site for last-minute gifts
Laura Molina